Energy Work


BioMat Session


As you relax fully clothed on the Biomat, you’ll receive the full benefits of its three powerful healing components: far infrared rays, negative ion, and amethyst stones to encourage relaxation, ease pain, reduce stress, relax muscle tension, relieve joint pain associated with arthritis, and improve circulation.  The practitioner will assist you in getting comfortable and then leave you to enjoy this unique therapeutic experience.  60 minutes

Reiki Session


This ancient Japanese tradition is combined with the help of the BioMat to restore balance and increases the rate of healing.  You begin your session by lying comfortably on a massage table; while you remain fully clothed, the practitioner gently and respectfully applies their hands in a series of  positions to address your overall well being. Bringing balance to the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  60 minutes

Power Animal Retrieval


In indigenous cultures it is considered beneficial to live deeply connected to one’s power animals.  Animal spirits can help to remind us of our innate yet underutilized or unexpressed gifts. They empower you, offer you their protection and support you to integrate your gifts into your daily life.  A power animal retrieval allows you to become connected with your animal allies. Through shamanic journey your practitioner will travel to the lower spirit world to find the animal that wants to align with you.  This can be very helpful for children and adults alike. We will go over your animal’s characteristics, discuss how their wisdom can assist you and how to embody them.  60 minutes

Pattern Shifting


A great asset for those experiencing physical pain, disruptive negative thought patterns, depression, and stress responses from traumatic events.  This session utilizes a variety of plant, mineral, and animal allies to shift vibrational patterns and blocks in the energy body. We will work together to get what’s stuck moving.  Then reiki is applied to strengthen you and invite healing on all levels to support you in thinking clearly, creating positive thought patterns, and making choices grounded in what is for your highest good.  60 minutes

Soul Retrieval


We all experience trauma to different degrees in our lives, from car accidents to abusive partners or family circumstances.  When the trauma occurs, part of our soul becomes fragmented and splits off to protect our psyche from the traumatic experience.   In psychology this is called dissociation, when you slip away because it is not safe for you. This leaves us feeling separate from ourselves, saying things like "I just don’t feel like me anymore," or "I feel lost."  These fragments remain separate until they are collected and returned. The lost fragments are tracked by the practitioner through shamanic journey and brought back to be reintegrated. This is very powerful and important work toward becoming whole and feeling like yourself again.  120 minutes

Negative Energy Extraction


When soul loss occurs, a void is created.  That void becomes a magnet for negative attachments from intrusive energies; just like a parasite, they feed on our life force and drain our energy.  This leads to addiction, chronic pain, fatigue, and illness that doesn’t heal. These attachments cause confusion and can destructively misguide the choices we make.  Think of someone who keeps making the same choices and suffering negative consequences. Removing these negative energies can allow us to restore our natural state of health.  It can be beneficial to have supportive family members present during this session. This work is accomplished through shamanic journey and is supported with Reiki. For those with significant soul loss, soul retrieval is highly recommended.  60 minutes


Meet Katie

Born and raised in Vermont, Katie has always had a love of the outdoors and appreciation for nature. Her quest for personal growth and self care tools led her to examine a wide variety of topics including herbalism, aromatherapy, homeopathy, and psychology through the lens of astrology and the archetypes. She has also studied chakra activation techniques utilizing bioenergetics and yoga asanas.

In 2016, Katie apprenticed a Shaman who initiated her with the teachings of both North and South American shamanic techniques. She traveled to Peru to work with a Shaman to gain insight about their history, traditions and practices. Her curiosity and desire to have a multifaceted knowledge of cross cultural healing techniques attracted her to Reiki, and she has now been attuned to the Reiki Master level in the Usui lineage. She completed her fundamental/advanced sound healing certification with the International Academy of Sound Healing, December 2018. She is eager to share what she's learned in order to empower others to live in a more balanced way.