Counseling & Intuitive Work


Meet Sharon

Sharon has been a licensed mental health counselor for twenty years and has worked in private practice, health care and school settings.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Vermont and is licensed by the state of Vermont as a Mental Health Counselor.  

Sharon is solidly trained in psychotherapy and uses a strength-based approach with clients, reflecting on what works well for them and what skills they can add to and build upon. Traditional counseling is, at its most basic, a conversation between the client and therapist.  Sharon lets the client lead the way, acting as a guide and teacher when needed, and offering suggestions and alternatives when they might be helpful.

Sharon believes that traditional talk therapy can be powerfully enriched by tuning in to and working with the human energy field.  Many experiences, including the ones that occur pre-verbally, are stored as blocked or stuck energies. Being aware of and tapping into those places can accelerate healing.  As a trained intuitive, Sharon can sense these patterns and help the client to unblock and learn from them. In addition to her formal education, Sharon has completed a year-long Energy Medicine Practitioner Training and is Level I Reiki certified.  She has studied with respected intuitives Erin Pavlina and Slade Roberson and is currently taking part in a year-long shamanic apprenticeship program with Sierra McFeeters of the Indigenous Roots Institute.


Clinical Counseling

Counseling, also called psychotherapy, is a great choice if you are looking for guidance and support for any of a variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, parenting, grief, or major life changes.  The core of counseling is about the dynamic between therapist and client, about conversations, questions, exploration and problem-solving.

I offer a 30 minute no-charge session to anyone considering counseling, so that we can decide if there is a match between what you are seeking and my expertise.  If we decide to move ahead, you will receive paperwork to fill out and we’ll set a follow-up appointment. If I believe you would be better served by a different therapist, I will talk with you about this and give you a list of counselors in the area.  

I currently accept Vermont Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont, and MVP.  Please contact your insurance provider for specific information about your policy, including co-pays and deductible amounts.  You are responsible for co-pays at the time of service as well as any deductible you might have; those may be processed electronically or by check.  

1 hour session = covered by insurance or sliding scale out of pocket fee

Intuitive Counseling

Intuitive counseling is a cross between traditional counseling and a psychic reading.  As a trained intuitive I can access layers beyond the physical plane, providing much more guidance and information than we are consciously aware of.  These sources are often referred to as our higher self, spirit guides, or angels. I use my abilities to tune into the spirit world both before and during our session, so that together we can explore the information that comes through.   I tend to receive information in a clairsentient way, which means I just ‘know’ something and that I tend to feel it in my body. Additionally, I see images and hear words, essentially becoming a messenger for your spirit guides, who are always working on your behalf whether you are aware of it or not.  Sometimes I receive communication from people who have passed on, but I don’t consider myself primarily a medium. I will share these impressions as they come through and we will work together to interpret the information. I can also offer tools and tips for protecting your energy field and accessing your own intuitive self.  

Intuitive counseling is a great option if you are seeking guidance around a particular topic, such as a relationship, job, or if you are looking for support around your own experience of the spirit world.

This option is not covered by insurance.

1 hour session = $120

Intuitive Energy Work

After working for more than twenty years in the counseling field I have come to understand that the body often holds the memory of past events and related feelings.  These areas of the body can feel stagnant or blocked; I see them as bubbles within or floating outside the body. Until these areas are released, we are held back from living fully and can feel ‘off’ or triggered by people, situations, or repeat unhealthy patterns that we understand intellectually but cannot seem to change.  We can experience physical ailments or illness and wonder if there is an emotional connection to their origins and, perhaps, to their healing. Sometimes we can access these places through traditional talk therapy, but sometimes they are held in the unconscious mind and are best released with deeper energetic-field work. The Intuitive Energy Work I offer is customized for each client; no two sessions will ever be the same.  After you make an appointment I will tune into your particular situation and be guided to use the modalities that are in your highest interest. These modalities might include Reiki, Brennan-style healing, stones and crystals, power animals, and other tools to aid clearing. At the start of your appointment we will talk for a few minutes, after which I will have you lie fully-clothed on a massage table with or without a blanket on you, your choice.  Nothing is expected of you but to relax as much as possible while I use the tools I’m guided to use. At the end we will have some time to process the things that arose during your session.

1 - 1.5 hour session = by donation.