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Yoga Dance w/ Marger

The Fusion of Yoga and Dance is an uplifting, mind freeing experience; it is a powerful way to transform stress into a fun celebration of rhythms and cultures. The session is modeled for non-experienced dancers, and no yoga training or knowledge is needed. This concept has been shared and promoted all over the world for more than 20 years, bringing together and blending fitness, dance, and the relaxation of yoga in a very harmonic way. All you need is the will to try a new way of relaxation in a fun environment to express your body’s movement — to just try to let go and smile. Be ready to leave your troubles at the door, reconnect with your body’s moves, flow with the music, relax, find the connection between breathing and movement, let your heart beat go faster while you let the rhythm of the music guide you. The class starts as a gentle flow of repetitive moves to help the body get loose and get used to its owns natural rhythm and then starts building up as a slow, easy to follow choreography using yoga poses to create a flowy sequence. 


Marget Maldonado’s journey with yoga started about 20 years ago when it became part of her daily practice of contemporary dance. At that moment, yoga contributed in the process of her becoming aware of her body’s movement and how to use that energy bi product of a balanced body to express it fluidly. Since then her interest for yoga has never stopped and this lead her to explore and learn different aspects of yoga. The spiritual practice became a big part of her life and it helped her understand yoga from a more internal and intuitive perspective.

She had the opportunity to be part of different trainings and experiences that were and have been the core of her understanding of yoga’s fundamentals. She attended meditation workshops where she learned Pranayama and relaxation techniques. She also worked with the Brahma Kumaris foundation to teach Raja yoga to different communities. She’s taken a diversity of classes with a variety of teachers with different backgrounds who showed her other approaches and perspectives that influenced her practice and personal teaching approach. She obtained her RYT 200 hours certificate in 2017 with the Yoga foundation of Fredericksburg lead by Steven Watkins and has been teaching for three years now. What she’d like for practitioners to experience during her class is a feeling of flowing, grounding, and the sensation of finding balance between body and mind to have an experience that they could possibly take with them and help them with their daily challenges.

Later Event: April 21
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